The company

GP METALBOX EUROPE is a Greek industry which manufactures stainless-steel containers.


The company was founded in 1985.

GP METALBOX EUROPE, is one of the largest industries of its kind in Greece, which has been supplying the market with high-quality products. We have established ourselves through a long and successful presence in the field of manufacturing stainless-steel liquid food containers for:

  • Oil
  • Wine
  • Alcoholic beverage (such as raki, tsipouro etc.)   
  • Honey

The company has been identified as one of the few in the field with such a the deep knowledge of the products, the excellent quality and the perfect result.

GP METALBOX EUROPE has grown into a full-fledged and dynamic manufacturing environment for stainless steel containers, with unlimited manufacture potential, capable to meet all modern market requirements.

The company seeks the continuous development and progress of the services provided, having as a main focus the creation of quality upgraded products with respect and sensitivity to the natural environment.

Today's production capacity is over 50,000 containers per year, which makes it possible to cover both the Greek and foreign markets demand. GP METALBOX EUROPE already exports to seven countries, USA included.