A few words about the stainless steel material...


The following text refers to the construction specifications of GP METALBOX EUROPE, fully balanced with the internationals.
The raw material used in the manufacture of our products is listed in EN 1.4301, as well as in the specifications of A.I.S.I (American Iron & Steel Institute).
The above pronciples require stainless steel, category 304, for liquid food storage and transport.


The composition of alloy is as follows:

8,5%   -   10% Ni (Nickel)
    15,5%   -   18% Cr (Chromium)

It's worth mentioned that TIG welding method is being used to all welding points.
All the rest materials used by our company (such as airtight lid's elastic,
sealing o-rings, bottom sealing elastic) are appropriate for liquid food storage.